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TRE Properties, LLC is a locally owned and operated real estate management and remodeling company. We oversee the remodeling of about 50 homes per year, and we manage several single-family properties. TRE has been in business since 2001, but it's principals have managed their own real estate portfolios since 1993.

TRE Properties, LLC is located in Jackson Township near Canton Ohio. We have homes for rent, homes for sale rent to own, remodeled homes for sale, building lots for sale, commercial investments, commercial land for development, residential new construction and many other investment opportunities. We are always buying, building, leasing, selling and trading all types of real estate and property.

Our Remodeled Homes for Sale

We sell remodeled homes all over Stark County and around the Canton and Massillon area. Our remodeled homes for sale are among the finest available. We believe that our remodeled homes are better than other homes for sale on the market because of what we do before a home is offered for sale. Here are just a few of the things we do to prepare a home:

  1. It allows you to lock in a set price on a specific property while simultaneously allowing you time to fix your credit, or whatever issue is prohibiting you from obtaining conventional financing.
  2. Our contract gives you, the Buyer, the sole right and option to purchase the home at an agreed to price for a set amount of time, normally up to 4 years or longer.
  3. Every month you make your payment on time or early, we will give you a rent credit for $50.00, which is applied toward your final purchase price.
  4. You retain the right to buy your way out of the rent to own agreement at any time and finance the home
  5. You’ll have the pride of ownership that everyone has who owns their own home.
  6. As a final benefit, by have the sole option to purchase the home at a set price, you have the right to sell the home for a profit if you can and keep the difference.
  7. You also have the option of upgrading homes after your contract expires. If you need a bigger home, or more land and you see one we have available, you can upgrade to the new property. Just return the old property to us in the same condition you got it. It’s that simple. All of your rent credits and down payment money will be credited toward the new home and you won’t lose a penny of your equity.
Here are some other names for this type of arrangement:
  1. Lease option, lease purchase or lease with option to purchase (the type we use)
  2. Land contract or Land Installment Contract or Contract for Deed (all the same)

All of these are ways in which you can purchase a home over time without qualifying through a conventional bank.

Our Rentals

If you are not comfortable owning your own home, you may simply rent a home from us. Our houses for rent are well cared for and updated as needed. Most of our rental homes come with new carpet, fresh paint and they all meet the housing code for the areas in which they are located. We currently rent homes in the following areas:
  1. Plain Township
  2. Perry Township, Massillon
  3. Jackson Township
  4. Louisville, Nimishillen Township
  5. East Canton, Osnaburg Township
  6. Hartville, Lake Township
  7. Canton South, Canton Township
  8. North Canton
  9. Other unincorporated communities around Stark County and Canton and Massillon Ohio.

Lots and acreage

We currently have vacant lots in East Canton, Canton South and Plain Township. Please call us for the exact details on each parcel of land.

Investment Opportunities

There are many ways in which you can invest in real estate. If you are a passive investor, please see our investors section under "Invest with TRE". However, if you want to be a little more hands on, and get a higher return on your investment dollars, read on. Currently, every home, building lot, duplex, multiplex, office building and warehouse TRE Properties has under management is actually available for other investors to purchase. They can be sold individually or in packages. The more you buy the better deal you get. Most of our properties are currently occupied by well qualified lease purchasers or tenants. The cash flowing from these investments can help you achieve your investment and retirement goals. We have all types of investment property, so call us if you are serious and we will provide you with more details.

TRE Properties, LLC is your complete source for real estate and real estate investment needs. Whether you are a home builder looking for a building lot to develop, or you simply want to move to a different home, we are here to help.


Homeownership is the dream of all Americans. TRE Properties can help you find the right home for your particular needs. One of the ways TRE can help is through our "Lease Option" purchase program. Under this type of arrangement, TRE leases the home to you, but gives you sole Option to Purchase the home for at least 2 years. In addition to giving you the option to purchase the home for a fixed price, the full amount of your down payment will be credited toward the actual purchase of the home when you exercise your Option to Purchase. Also, for every payment you make early, TRE Properties will give you an additional $50 credit toward the final purchase price.


TRE Properties buys 40-50 homes per year. Most of our purchases are from local real estate agents or brokers, however sometimes we purchase homes from individuals. TRE looks for properties that must be sold quickly, or are distressed in some way. TRE can pay cash for any home you may have to offer, and we can close in as little as 3 business days. If you have a home to sell, give us a call and we will give you a cash offer within 24 hours.


TRE Properties also has a portfolio of real estate that may be available for investors. Our typical investor usually just wants the cash flow that our properties generate. They don't want the hassle of property management, maintenance, accounting or other time consuming activities associated with real estate investments. Now you can even use your retirement account to invest in Real Estate. Click here to find out more about self-directed retirement accounts. TRE Properties offers full service property management for investors who purchase our income properties. TRE will participate in 1031 exchanges, self-directed IRA purchases as well as other types of purchases. TRE Properties does not give, legal, tax or investment advice of any sort. As with any investment, the investor should seek investment advice and proper due diligence from their respective advisors before making any investment decision. This is not a solicitation to sell any investment product, service or security instrument. This is for informational purposes only.